Andrew Liebchen

TDD is beautiful

Test-driven development (TDD) is a beautiful idea. TDD is a software development practice in which simple tests that represent desired functionality are written first, then software is developed to fulfill those tests. The tests are automated and serve as a quality assurance as the focus of the development team moves on to other features.

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As little as possible

Beginnings are the hardest. The blank page gapes back at you. As a relative measure, your first mark changes the page 100% — the page goes from clean to marked. Fortunately, every mark after that first one is changes the page less and less, and therefore become easier and easier.

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The Farnsworth House

It sounds hyperbolic, but the design and development of a web property is a craft. Using craft to describe how one makes anything has been devalued to the point of meaninglessness by overly precious marketing copy, to the point that when I read the phrase "Hand-crafted website," I hear ukulele music in my head.

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